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Bully / בולי (בריונות)

יום אנטי ביריונות, מהדורת ספרי רומן, 23.2.23 💪❤️ / Anti-Bullying Day, romance books edition, 23.2.23 💪❤️

Today is Anti-Bullying Day. 💪❤️Bullying is a trope that I really like in books… but unfortunately, it happens more and more in real life. Did you know that one out of four kids will be bullied during their adolescence? THAT IS CRAZY. 😱Although real life doesn't always have a happy ending like in books, and the bully doesn't always fall in love with his victim (with epic groveling scenes), but […]

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סופרבול 2023, מהדורת ספרי רומנטיקה 🏈 / SuperBowl 2023, romance books edition 🏈

HAVE YOU WATCHED THE SUPERBOWL? 🏈 So, I missed the SuperBowl because of my birthday celebrations last week. And although I'm not really into football (except for the commercials, the Clueless commercial was epic!!! 😂) I LOVE reading football books… So here are some amazing themed romance books to celebrate the end of the season. ❤️🏆 🏈Dear Ava / Ilsa Madden Mills🏈Pretty Reckless / L.J. Shen🏈The Jock / Tal Bauer […]

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BOOK REVIEW: עולם משוגע / האנה מקברייד / Mad World / Hannah Mcbride 💥

לקריאת הסקירה בעברית – תגללו למטה! לקריאת הסקירה בעברית – תגללו למטה! 17-year-old Madison is a good girl who grew up in a run-down trailer with a junkie mother, but one day her life takes a turn while doing a school assignment, she finds out that Gray Cabot, the richest man in the country, has a girl who looks exactly… but EXACTLY like her! 😱😱😱Maddie and Madeline are twins who […]

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סיכום שנת 2022, מהדורת ספרי רומנטיקה / Bye bye 2022, romance books edition 🍾🥂🎉

לקריאת הפוסט בעברית – תגללו למטה! לקריאת הפוסט בעברית – תגללו למטה! HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2023! 🎉So, 2022 was a little different. As someone who used to read and listen to books in every spare moment, I realized that now, as a full-time twin mom… I NO LONGER HAVE SPARE MOMENTS. 😭 I read and listened to 91 books this year (plus 874 children's books) 🤦‍♀️😂Some of them were quite […]

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