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כשהכוכבים נופלים / אמרי רוז / When the Stars Fall / Emery Rose ⭐

לסקירה בעברית, תגללו למטה! 👇 This book had everything I love – childhood lovers, second chances, dealing with PTSD & the effects of war and of course… A GREAT LOVE STORY. 😍And the cover? SO HOT…! 🔥🔥🔥 📚 “What happens when the stars fall, Jude?”"I'll put them back in the sky for you." 📚 9-year-old Lila Turner met 10-year-old Jude and his cousin Brody McAllister when she moved in next […]

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ג'ול אי אן / Not What I Expected / Jewel E. Ann 💕

לקריאת הסקירה בעברית, תגללו למטה! The name of the book says it all… because it was definitely NOT WHAT I EXPECTED!💥What I like most about Jewel's books is that each one is completely different. She write different books to fit different people – and this one a mature "second chance" story. 💕👑 42-year-old Elsie is married to Craig and has 4 grown children and a regular life routine. But suddenly, […]

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קריסטין גרנטה / What's Left of Me / Kristen Granata 💛

לסקירה בעברית, תגללו למטה! 👇 Callie thought she had the perfect life – but what used to be love, turned into darkness when her husband became a scary stranger. Callie blames herself and is convinced that she could get him to be the man she fell in love with again, and the abuse would stop… but this plan explodes when Cole moves across the street. 💥💥💥 📚 “When someone pushes […]

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אשלי ג'ייד / Broken Kingdom / Ashley Jade 💥

לסקירה בעברית, תגללו למטה! 👇 Bianca Covington still hasn't gotten all her memories back since the accident – she has flashbacks, like puzzle pieces that need to be put together. She's supposed to be happy now, but feels suffocated – and it's all because of the mysterious man with dirty blond hair who started working at Duke’s Heart. She feels a strange connection to him, but she has no idea […]

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הכול מאהבה / ג'ול אי. אן / Out of Love / Jewel E. Ann 💛

לסקירה בעברית, תגללו למטה! 👇 Livy Knight is intelligent, sassy and she definitely has ADD! Lol 😂At the age of 21, she leaves her father's house to go to college, where she meets Wylder, a bad boy with a dark and mysterious side – everything her overprotective and controlling father despises.😬Slade Wylder fascinates her – he doesn't talk to anyone, lives in a haunted house, rumors on campus says he's […]

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אומנות האהבה & חטא האהבה (דואט האשליות) / ל.מ. הולרן / Art of Sin & Sin of Love (Illusions Duet) / L.M. Halloran 💥

לסקירה בעברית, תגללו למטה! 👇 Deirdre Moss works in a PR agency and she's the perfect doll – on the outside she looks like a woman who knows exactly what she's doing, but it's just a mask. She carries a heavy burden, which she denies in order to survive – and with the help of sleeping pills, she manages to live.But then came … Gideon. 💥 📚 "Tell me a […]

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פפר וינטרס / Jinx's Fantasy / Pepper Winters 💙

לסקירה בעברית, תגללו למטה! 👇 ⛔ There are no spoilers here, but if you haven't read 'Fifth a Fury' yet, I recommend not reading this review. ⛔ 📚 “Come along my kinky wife, it’s time I delivered your fantasy.” 📚 In the previous novella we read about Sully's fantasy. Now, it's Jinx's turn. 💥Sully encodes Eleanor's fantasy within his virtual world, Euphoria, on their way to Tahiti – on a […]

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אשלי ג'ייד / Wicked Princess / Ashley Jade 💕

לסקירה בעברית, תגללו למטה! 👇 Welcome to the Covington's kingdom (AGAIN)! 💕Bianca is the heartless and manipulative baby sister of Jace and Cole Covington. She did quite a few bad things. Things that will make you uncomfortable and even curse once or twice… The problem is, she doesn't remember anything! 😱 Bianca wakes up in the hospital and has no idea what happened to her! In her mind, she's not […]

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דברה אנסטסיה / Drowning in Stars / Debra Anastasia ⭐

לסקירה בעברית, תגללו למטה! 👇 Damn, If this book was a person, I would like to hug it tightly. 😭❤ Pixie and Gaze met on her 12th birthday, when Pixie blew baubles from her window into his bed room – and that is how a strong and brave friendship started between the two little neighbors. ❤ 📚 I had Gaze. He was always just a bubble gun away. 📚 They […]

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