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BOOK REVIEW: ג'נבה רוז / The Perfect Marriage / Jeneva Rose 💥

לקריאת הסקירה בעברית, תגללו למטה! לקריאת הסקירה בעברית, תגללו למטה! Would you defend your husband if he was accused of killing his mistress? Sarah Morgan is a successful and powerful lawyer and her life is going exactly as planned. In contrast, her husband Adam is a struggling writer. From the outside, their marriage seems perfect, but since Sarah works most of the time, Adam is having an affair with a […]

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סיכום שנת 2022, מהדורת ספרי רומנטיקה / Bye bye 2022, romance books edition 🍾🥂🎉

לקריאת הפוסט בעברית – תגללו למטה! לקריאת הפוסט בעברית – תגללו למטה! HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2023! 🎉So, 2022 was a little different. As someone who used to read and listen to books in every spare moment, I realized that now, as a full-time twin mom… I NO LONGER HAVE SPARE MOMENTS. 😭 I read and listened to 91 books this year (plus 874 children's books) 🤦‍♀️😂Some of them were quite […]

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BOOK REVIEW: קריפ / ג'יימי רוברטס / I'm a CREEP / Jaimie Roberts 🖤💥😈

לקריאת הסקירה בעברית – תגללו למטה! לקריאת הסקירה בעברית – תגללו למטה! Bryce sufferes from bullying and abuse at school and from her junkie mother. When the only person she thought would protect her, her stepfather, 38-year-old deputy police chief, Elijah, also betrays her trust, she realizes she can only trust herself… 💔 But then, before her 16th birthday, Bryce stopped being the good, quiet, shy girl she'd always been […]

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