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תוצאות חיפוש עבור ‘ Boldt’

BOOK REVIEW: ר"ס בולדט / תבחר בי / Choose Me / R.C. Boldt 💔

לקריאת הסקירה בעברית – תגללו למטה! The book begins with a glimpse into the present – where Hollis is at his best friend's wedding, Magnolia, and his heart is broken because he is going to lose her to another man. 💔 📚 "Wearing the nicest suit I own, I stand in the very back with a flask full of whiskey in my inner pocket. I put on a brave face […]

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BOOK REVIEW: ר"ס בולדט / The Good Samaritan / R.C. Boldt 💔🙏

לקריאת הסקירה בעברית – תגללו למטה! Jude is homeless by choice… a broken man punishing himself for a terrible tragedy that happened to him, but he is also a man with a huge heart. He chose a lonely life without any chance of happiness or comfort, as payment for his past sins, so walks the streets and does good deeds to pay his debt to society… He does not ask […]

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ר"ס בולדט / Hell Hath No Fury / R.C Boldt 💥

לסקירה בעברית, תגללו למטה! 👇 This story is about a woman who had everything taken from her… And how she took it all back. Caitlin was a normative woman married to a wonderful man, had an amazing 6 year old little girl and a loving supportive father – and one day, in a blink of an eye, it was all gone. 💥💥💥Her father's pawn shop got into trouble with the […]

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ר"ס בולדט / Clam Jam / R.C. Boldt 🙈

"I want a guy who is not only the love of my life but my best friend, too." מגי תפסה את ארוסה עם אישה אחרת במיטה…  היא שבורה, אבל לא מוכנה לוותר על הדירה המהממת שלה, שלא תצליח להחזיק לבדה – ולכן מחפשת שותף.  אבל כרגע, היא סיימה עם גברים ולא מוכנה לגור עם אחד שאולי תתאהב בו וישבור את ליבה שוב…  ריילנד מגיע לראות את הדירה – ומצא בה את כל […]

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National 'Work Like A Dog' Day in romance books 💪🐕 יום ה- 'לעבוד כמו כלבים' הבינלאומי בספרי רומן רומנטי💪🐕 5/8/21

לקריאת הפוסט בעברית, תגללו למטה! In honor of the national 'Work Like A Dog' Day that takes place today (5.8), BookNof and I made you a list of characters with unusual jobs. ENJOY! 💪🐕 💥Fable of Happiness / Pepper Winters Gemma- cliff climber 💥Broken Kingdom / Ashley JadeOakley – school janitor 💥Sea of Ruin / Pam GodwinBennett – captain of a pirate ship 💥Full Tilt duet / Emma ScottJonah – […]

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חג סוכות בספרי רומן🌿🥳💚 Sukkot in romance books 🌿🥳💚

קריאת הפוסט בעברית, תגללו למטה!  We are celebrating Sukkot in Israel this week! 🥳🥳🥳In this holiday, It is customed to invite one of seven "exalted guests" into the sukkah each day (Ushpizin – which is 'guests' in Aramaic) which represent the "seven shepherds of Israel":Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph and David – each one has a unique lesson to teach. 🙏It is also customary to invite as many people as possible to the sukkah – acquaintances […]

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