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חודש הפנטזיה, פברואר 2023 ✨️ / FANTASY MONTH, February 2023! ✨️


This is an awesome attempt to dispel the gray and gloom of that is often attributed to February, and there's no better way to celebrate, than with the most colorful genre, FANTASY BOOKS. 🥂
My list includes fantasy books I've read and reviewed, books I've read and not yet posted a review, and books that are on my TBR list.


✨️Outlander / Diana Gabaldon (read review here)
✨️Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone / J.K. Rowling
✨️Six of Crows / Leigh Bardugo
✨️A Court of Thorns and Roses / Sarah J. Maas (read review here)
✨️The Bird and the Sword / Amy Harmon
✨️ From Blood and Ash / Jennifer Armentrout
✨️Neon Gods / Katee Robert
✨️Rhapsodic / Laura Thalassa (read review here)
✨️The House in the Cerulean Sea / TJ Klune
✨️Zodiac academy / Susanne Valenti & Caroline Peckham
✨️Gild / Raven Kennedy (read review here)
✨️The Song of Achilles / Madeline Miller
✨️Crave / Tracy Wolff (read review here)
✨️City of Bones / Cassandra Clare
✨️The Ex Hex / Erin Sterling
✨️The Night Circus / Erin Morenstern
✨️Prayer of the Damned / Nica (read review here)
✨️Circe / Madeline Miller
✨️The Wolf and the Wildflower / Ella Fields
✨️When a Moth Loved a Bee / Pepper Winters (Release in 3.2.23)

:קטגוריותAudio, Dark, Erotic Novel, Paranormal, Romantic Novel, Slow-burn, Taboo, אופל, הרמון הפוך / HR, כללי, משולש רומנטי, ספרות ישראלית מקומית, ספרות מתורגמת, ספרים באנגלית, פאראנורמל, פנטזיה, רומן אירוטי, רומן הסטורי, רומן רומנטי

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