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Ask our favorite author – S.M. Soto 馃憫馃挄 / 砖讗诇讜谉 诇住讜驻专转 讗讛讜讘讛 – 住.诪. 住讜讟讜 馃憫馃挄

诇拽专讬讗转 讛驻讜住讟 讘注讘专讬转, 转讙诇诇讜 诇诪讟讛! 馃憞

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We gave our favorite authors a questionnaire with 10 questions we really wanted to know… And they spilled everything! (Sort of 馃槀)
Give it up to – S.M. Soto! 馃憫馃挄馃憦

S.M. Soto was born and raised in Northern, California where she currently resides with her son. Her love for reading began when she was a young girl, and has only continued to grow into adulthood. S.M. lives for reading books in the romance genre and writing novels with relatable characters. She loves to connect with readers and eat copious amounts of donuts that will surely lead to her demise.

Hi Selena,
We are so excited to have you in our 'Ask our favorite author' questionnaire!

1. Could you start off by telling us a little bit about your new release, "Hate Thy Neighbor"?
Hate Thy Neighbor is a full-length enemies to lovers romance about two neighbors that seemingly hate each other. It starts when one of the MC鈥檚, Olivia, moves into a quiet neighborhood, expecting a fresh start. Instead, she鈥檚 met with a rude neighbor who makes it his mission to get under her skin and drive her crazy. Despite the attraction to each other, their hate outweighs everything else, causing them both to act out in the most destructive ways. Filled with pranks, jabs, and a touch of angst, Hate Thy Neighbor is easily a new favorite of mine that I鈥檝e written. With plenty of heart and laughs, it鈥檚 a perfect read if you鈥檙e looking for a slow burn filled with tension. 

2. Describe a normal working day – how many hours a day do you write? Where is your favorite place to write?
A normal working day for me is waking up around 6:30 in the morning, squeezing in a workout before I make breakfast for my son, then spend the rest of my morning writing while he鈥檚 at school. Finding time to write is always a bit difficult, especially being a single mother while working a part time job. I try to find a balance, so I don鈥檛 spread myself too thin. 
How many hours I put in writing typically varies day by day. Normally, I tap out when I reach 5K or higher that particular day. Some days I can hit that in just a few short hours and others, it will literally take me all day, just because I鈥檓 stuck in my head. 
Oddly enough, my favorite place to write is my bed. It鈥檚 a dangerous workspace, just because it鈥檇 be so easy to lay back and do absolutely nothing, but I find it鈥檚 easiest for me to write there. And it鈥檚 a hell of a lot more comfortable, too. 

3. Share something your readers wouldn鈥檛 know about you.
Something my readers probably wouldn鈥檛 know about me is how fierce I am when it comes to my son. I鈥檝e always been a very private person. I don鈥檛 particularly like sharing pieces of myself with people, and I鈥檓 very guarded. I鈥檓 very much the same way when it comes to my son and strangers.
I don鈥檛 post him a whole lot because I am a momma bear, through and through. I worry about what weirdo may be lurking on my page or I come up with a ton of other paranoid scenarios in my head. There is also this sense of security I get, being in charge of what others see. When you鈥檙e a single parent, you have to be both parents rolled into one and I think for me, that鈥檚 been the greatest blessing and the biggest challenge. My son is my whole world. I know a lot of parents say that, but in this case, it really is true. Everything I do is for him, and to make him proud. I work everyday to give him the life he deserves, even if I have to bend over backwards just to do it. So, yeah. That might be one thing my readers don鈥檛 know. 

4. Have you always wanted to be a writer? If you didn鈥檛 write, what would you do for a living?
When I was younger, I used to write a lot of 'fanfiction', but even then, I didn鈥檛 necessarily want to be a writer. For a long time, I wanted to be a pediatrician. After I got pregnant with my son, my dreams sort of shifted, and I fell back into writing. I remembered how much I loved it and stuck with it. The rest is history. 

5. How many books have you published? And how many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?
Right now, I have nine published books. Out of those nine, two will be out of print and no longer available soon. As for books I have finished or halfway finished鈥攊t鈥檚 a lot. I have three books that are finished and ready to published and I have approximately sixteen unfinished books on my laptop that I鈥檓 about halfway through, just waiting to finish. 

6. Your covers are AMAZING! How do you choose your covers?
Covers are always difficult for me. It鈥檚 not just buying a picture and slapping a font on it for me. Typically, I like to be finished with the book before I start on a cover, just so I can have the overall picture or concept in my head. I think the cover should tell your story in a way the words inside can鈥檛. The two should always coincide. 
My cover designer probably wants to throw me off a cliff most days (I鈥檓 incredibly annoying and picky) but somehow, she nails it every single time. Even when I send her pictures of my crappy drawings, as I try to explain what I want for a particular cover. 

7. Who are your go-to authors?
Easy. My go-to authors will always be: Amy Harmon, Mia Sheridan, Pepper Winters, and Colleen Hoover. 

8. Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?
I try not to read the bad book reviews anymore. For a while, I stayed in the one star section of a few of my previous books, just to see what I could learn from the reviews. Was there anything mentioned in there that could make me a better writer? Anything I could work on for my next book? Turns out, there wasn鈥檛. Don鈥檛 get me wrong, I鈥檓 sure there are plenty of reviewers who can give a one star review and be cordial about it, but most that I鈥檝e read, can鈥檛. So, I decided to ignore them all-together. I do read the two star and three star reviews, though. They always have a bit more constructive criticism to offer. 

9. What's the best book you've read recently?
I recently read Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano and loved it. I think about these characters often. Especially whenever I鈥檓 about to get on an airplane. 

10. Finally, Tell us about your future project – What can you share about it?
My future project is coming this fall and it鈥檚 definitely up there as one of my forever favorites. I can鈥檛 say much, but, I can say that it鈥檚 a modern day retelling of the Greek Myth of Selene, the moon goddess, and Endymion, the shepherd. It鈥檚 a second chance romance that will give you all the feels. There is a bit of unrequited love there, a secret baby trope, and for the readers that love all things astrology and mythology, CTM is definitely one you鈥檒l want to add to your TBR. 

Thank you for answering our questionnaire, we can't wait to find out what you have in store for us next! XOXO from Israel 馃挋

'Ask our favorite Author' – Read more HERE. 馃憫馃挄


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诪讛 砖讛拽讜专讗讬诐 诇讗 讬讜讚注讬诐 注诇讬讬, 讛讜讗 讻诪讛 讗谞讬 诇讘讬讗讛 讻砖诪讚讜讘专 讘讘谉 砖诇讬. 转诪讬讚 讛讬讬转讬 讗讚诐 诪讗讜讚 驻专讟讬. 讗谞讬 诇讗 讗讜讛讘转 诇砖转祝 讞诇拽讬诐 诪诪谞讬 注诐 讗谞砖讬诐 讜讗谞讬 诪讗讚 讝讛讬专讛. 讘诪讬讜讞讚 讻砖诪讚讜讘专 讘讘谉 砖诇讬 讜讗谞砖讬诐 讝专讬诐.
讗谞讬 诇讗 讗驻专住诐 讗讜转讜 讛专讘讛 讻讬 讗谞讬 诇讙诪专讬 讗讬诪讗 讚讜讘讛. 讗谞讬 讚讜讗讙转 诪讻诇 讛诪讜讝专讬诐 砖讗讜诇讬 讗讜专讘讬诐 讘专砖转讜转 讛讞讘专转讬讜转 砖诇讬 讗讜 砖讗谞讬 诪注诇讛 讘专讗砖 讛诪讜谉 转专讞讬砖讬诐 驻专谞讜讗讬讚讬诐 讗讞专讬诐. 讬砖 讙诐 讗转 转讞讜砖转 讛讘讬讟讞讜谉 讛讝讜 砖讗谞讬 讗讞专讗讬转 注诇 诪讛 砖讗讞专讬诐 专讜讗讬诐. 讻砖讗转讛 讛讜专讛 讬讞讬讚谞讬, 讗转讛 爪专讬讱 诇讛讬讜转 砖谞讬 讛讛讜专讬诐 讜讗谞讬 讞讜砖讘转 砖注讘讜专讬 讝讜 讛讬讬转讛 讛讘专讻讛 讛讙讚讜诇讛 讘讬讜转专 讜讛讗转讙专 讛讙讚讜诇 讘讬讜转专. 讛讘谉 砖诇讬 讛讜讗 讻诇 注讜诇诪讬. 讗谞讬 讬讜讚注转 砖讛诪讜谉 讛讜专讬诐 讗讜诪专讬诐 讝讗转, 讗讘诇 讘诪拽专讛 砖诇讬, 讝讛 讘讗诪转 谞讻讜谉. 讻诇 诪讛 砖讗谞讬 注讜砖讛 讛讜讗 讘砖讘讬诇讜, 讜诇讙专讜诐 诇讜 诇讛讬讜转 讙讗讛. 讗谞讬 注讜讘讚转 讻诇 讬讜诐 讘讻讚讬 诇讛注谞讬拽 诇讜 讗转 讛讞讬讬诐 砖诪讙讬注讬诐 诇讜, 讙诐 讗诐 讗谞讬 爪专讬讻讛 诇讛转讻讜驻祝 讻讚讬 诇注砖讜转 讝讗转. 讗讝 讻谉. 讝讛 讬讻讜诇 诇讛讬讜转 讚讘专 讗讞讚 砖拽讜专讗讬讬 讗讬谞诐 讬讜讚注讬诐 注诇讬讬.

4. 转诪讬讚 专爪讬转 诇讛讬讜转 住讜驻专转? 讗诐 诇讗 讛讬讬转 住讜驻专转 诪讛 讛讬讬转 注讜砖讛 诇诪讞讬讬转讱?
讻砖讛讬讬转讬 爪注讬专讛 讛讬讬转讬 讻讜转讘转 讛专讘讛 '驻讗谞驻讬拽', 讗讘诇 讙诐 讗讝 诇讗 讘讛讻专讞 专爪讬转讬 诇讛讬讜转 住讜驻专转. 讘诪砖讱 讛专讘讛 讝诪谉 专爪讬转讬 诇讛讬讜转 专讜驻讗转 讬诇讚讬诐. 讗讞专讬 砖谞讻谞住转讬 诇讛专讬讜谉 注诐 讛讘谉 砖诇讬, 讛讞诇讜诪讜转 砖诇讬 讛转讞诇驻讜, 讜讞讝专转讬 砖讜讘 诇讻转讬讘讛. 讗谞讬 讝讜讻专转 讻诪讛 讗讛讘转讬 讜讛转诪讚转讬 讘讝讛. 讜讛砖讗专 讛讬住讟讜专讬讛.

5. 讻诪讛 住驻专讬诐 驻专住诪转? 讜讻诪讛 住驻专讬诐 讻转讘转 砖诇讗 讬爪讗讜 诇讗讜专 讗讜 砖讟专诐 住讬讬诪转 诇讻转讜讘 讗讜转诐?
谞讻讜谉 诇讛讬讜诐, 讛讜爪讗转讬 诇讗讜专 9 住驻专讬诐, 砖谞讬讬诐 诪讛诐 注讜诪讚讬诐 诇讛讬讙诪专 诪讛诪诇讗讬 讘拽专讜讘 讜诇讗 讬讛讬讜 讝诪讬谞讬诐 讬讜转专. 讘谞讜讙注 诇住驻专讬诐 砖诇讗 讬爪讗讜 讗讜 砖讟专诐 住讬讬诪转讬 诇讻转讜讘 – 讝讛 讛诪讜谉 – 讬砖 诇讬 3 住驻专讬诐 砖诪讜讻谞讬诐 诇爪讗转 讜注讜讚 讘注专讱 16 住驻专讬诐 砖住讬讬诪转讬 诇诪讞爪讛 注诇 讛诪讞砖讘 讛谞讬讬讚 砖诇讬, 讗谞讬 专拽 诪讞讻讛 诇讝诪谉 诇住讬讬诐 讗讜转诐.

6. 讛讻专讬讻讜转 砖诇讱 诪讚讛讬诪讜转! 讻讬爪讚 讗转 讘讜讞专转 讗讜转谉?
讛讻专讬讻讜转 讛谉 转诪讬讚 谞讜砖讗 拽砖讛 注讘讜专讬. 讝讛 诇讗 专拽 诇拽谞讜转 转诪讜谞讛 讜诇讛讜住讬祝 讻讬转讜讘. 讘讚专"讻 讗谞讬 讗讜讛讘转 诇住讬讬诐 讗转 讛住驻专 诇驻谞讬讬 砖讗谞讬 诪转讞讬诇讛 注诐 讛讻专讬讻讛, 专拽 讻讚讬 砖讬讛讬讛 诇讬 讗转 讛专注讬讜谉 讛讻诇诇讬 讘专讗砖. 讗谞讬 讞讜砖讘转 砖讛讻专讬讻讛 爪专讬讻讛 诇住驻专 讗转 讛住讬驻讜专 讘讗讜驻谉 砖讛诪讬诇讬诐 讘转讜讻讜 诇讗 讬讻讜诇讜转. 讛砖谞讬讬诐 爪专讬讻讬诐 诇讛讬讜转 转诪讬讚 讞讜驻驻讬诐.
讛诪注爪讘转 讛讙专驻讬转 砖诇讬 专讜讘 讛讬诪讬诐, 讻谞专讗讛 专讜爪讛 诇讝专讜拽 讗讜转讬 诪爪讜拽 (讗谞讬 诪注爪讘谞转 讜讘专专谞讬转) 讗讘诇 讗讬讻砖讛讜 讛讬讗 拽讜诇注转 讘讜诇 讘讻诇 驻注诐. 讗驻讬诇讜 讻砖讗谞讬 砖讜诇讞转 诇讛 转诪讜谞讜转 砖诇 讛爪讬讜专讬诐 讛诪讙讜讞讻讬诐 砖诇讬 讻砖讗谞讬 诪谞住讛 诇讛住讘讬专 诪讛 讗谞讬 专讜爪讛 注讘讜专 讻专讬讻讛 诪住讜讬讬诪转.

7. 诪讬讛谉 讛住讜驻专讜转 讛讗讛讜讘讜转 注诇讬讬讱?
讛住讜驻专讜转 讛讗讛讜讘讜转 注诇讬讬 转诪讬讚 讬讛讬讜: 讗讬讬诪讬 讛专诪讜谉, 诪讬讛 砖专讬讚谉, 驻驻专 讜讬谞讟专住 讜拽讜诇讬谉 讛讜讘专.

8. 讛讗诐 讗转 拽讜专讗转 住拽讬专讜转 注诇 讛住驻专讬诐 砖诇讱? 讻讬爪讚 讗转 诪转诪讜讚讚转 注诐 讛讟讜讘讜转 讗讜 讛砖诇讬诇讬讜转?
讗谞讬 诪砖转讚诇转 诇讗 诇拽专讜讗 讬讜转专 住拽讬专讜转 砖诇讬诇讬讜转. 诇诪砖讱 转拽讜驻讛 讛讬讬转讬 诪住转讻诇转 注诇 讚讬专讜讙讬 讻讜讻讘 讗讞讚 砖诇 住驻专讬讬 讛拽讜讚诪讬诐, 专拽 讻讚讬 诇专讗讜转 诪讛 讗谞讬 讬讻讜诇讛 诇诇诪讜讚 诪讛讘讬拽讜专讜转. 讛讗诐 讬砖 砖诐 诪砖讛讜 砖讬讻讜诇 诇注砖讜转 讗讜转讬 诇住讜驻专转 讟讜讘讛 讬讜转专? 诪砖讛讜 砖讗讜讻诇 诇注讘讜讚 注诇讬讜 诇住驻专 讛讘讗?
诪住转讘专, 砖诇讗 讛讬讛. 讗诇 转讘讬谞讜 讗讜转讬 诇讗 谞讻讜谉, 讗谞讬 讘讟讜讞讛 砖讬砖 讛诪讜谉 住讜拽专讬诐 砖讬讻讜诇讬诐 诇转转 住拽讬专讛 砖诇 讻讜讻讘 讗讞讚 讜注讚讬讬谉 诇讛讬讜转 讞讬谞谞讬讬诐, 讗讘诇 专讜讘 讛住拽讬专讜转 砖拽专讗转讬 诇讗 讛讬讜 讻讗诇讜. 讗讝 讛讞诇讟转讬 诇讛转注诇诐 诪讛谉 诇讙诪专讬. 讗谞讬 讻谉 拽讜专讗转 住拽讬专讜转 砖诇 2 讜-3 讻讜讻讘讬诐, 讬砖 诇讛诐 转诪讬讚 拽爪转 讬讜转专 讘讬拽讜专转 讘讜谞讛 诇讛爪讬注.

9. 诪讛讜 讛住驻专 讛讻讬 讟讜讘 砖拽专讗转 诇讗讞专讜谞讛?
诇讗讞专讜谞讛 拽专讗转讬 讗转 "Dear Edward" 砖诇 讗谉 谞驻讜诇讬讟谞讜 讜讗讛讘转讬 讗讜转讜. 讗谞讬 讞讜砖讘转 注诇 讛讚诪讜讬讜转 讛讗诇讜 讛诪讜谉. 讘诪讬讜讞讚 讻砖讗谞讬 注讜诪讚转 诇注诇讜转 注诇 诪讟讜住.

10. 诇住讬讜诐, 住驻专讬 诇谞讜 注诇 讛驻专讜讬讬拽讟 讛讘讗 砖诇讱- 诪讛 转讜讻诇讬 诇砖转祝 讗讜转谞讜 诇讙讘讬讜?
讛驻专讜讬讬拽讟 讛讘讗 砖诇讬 诪转讜讻谞谉 诇爪讗转 讘住转讬讜 讛拽专讜讘 讜讛讜讗 诇讙诪专讬 讗讞讚 讛讗讛讜讘讬诐 注诇讬讬. 讗谞讬 诇讗 讬讻讜诇讛 诇讜诪专 讛专讘讛 讗讘诇 讗谞讬 讻谉 讗讜诪专 砖讝讜 讛讙专住讛 讛诪讞讜讚砖转 讜讛诪讜讚专谞讬转 诇诪讬转讜诇讜讙讬讛 讛讬讜讜谞讬转 注诇 住讬诇讬谉 讗诇转 讛讬专讞 讜讗谞讚讬诪讬讜谉 讛专讜注讛. 讝讛讜 专讜诪谉 讛讝讚诪谞讜转 砖谞讬讬讛 砖讬讙专讜诐 诇讻诐 诇拽砖转 砖诇 专讙砖讜转 – 注诐 拽爪转 讗讛讘讛 诇讗 专爪讜讬讛, 转转 讝'讗谞专 砖诇 转讬谞讜拽 讘讛驻转注讛 讜诇讻诇 讗诇讜 砖讗讜讛讘讬诐 讗转 讻诇 诪讛 砖拽砖讜专 诇讗住讟专讜诇讜讙讬讛 讜诪讬转讜诇讜讙讬讛, 讛讜讗 讘讛讞诇讟 诪砖讛讜 砖转专爪讜 诇讛讜住讬祝 诇专砖讬诪转 讛拽专讬讗讛 砖诇讻诐.

转讜讚讛 砖注谞讬转 注诇 讛砖讗诇讜谉 砖诇谞讜,
讗谞讞谞讜 诇讗 讬讻讜诇讜转 诇讞讻讜转 讻讚讬 诇讙诇讜转 诪讛 讬砖 诇讱 注讜讚 讘拽谞讛 讘砖讘讬诇谞讜! 谞砖讬拽讜转 诪讬砖专讗诇 馃挋

砖讬诪讜 诇讘: 讛住驻专 转讜专讙诐 诇注讘专讬转 注"讬 讛讜爪讗转 "诇讘讘讜转" 讜讝诪讬谉 诇专讻讬砖讛 – 诇讞爪讜 讻讗谉.
诇拽专讬讗转 专讗讬讜谞讜转 谞讜住驻讬诐, 诇讞爪讜 讻讗谉. 馃憫馃挄

讞住专 诪讗驻讬讬谉 alt 诇转诪讜谞讛 讛讝讜; 砖诐 讛拽讜讘抓 讛讜讗 img-20200614-wa0049.jpg


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Ask our favorite author – S.M. Soto 馃憫馃挄 / 砖讗诇讜谉 诇住讜驻专转 讗讛讜讘讛 – 住.诪. 住讜讟讜 馃憫馃挄

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