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Ask our favorite author – T.M. Frazier 馃憫馃挄 / 砖讗诇讜谉 诇住讜驻专转 讗讛讜讘讛 – 讟. 诪. 驻专讬讬讝专 馃憫馃挄

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We gave our favorite authors a questionnaire with 10 questions we really wanted to know… And they spilled everything! (Sort of 馃槀)
Give it up to – T.M. Frazier! 馃憫馃挄馃憦

T.M. Frazier lives in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and daughter. She dreamed of being a writer since the day she learned how to read. After spending many years working in real estate she decided could no longer ignore that dream.
She published her first book, The Dark Light of Day, in 2013 and has since become a USA Today bestselling author several times over. Her books have been translated into numerous languages and published all around the world.
T.M. loves meeting her readers, but if you see her at an event please don't pinch her because she's not ready to wake up from this amazing dream.

Hi darling,
We are so excited to have you in our 'Ask our favorite author' questionnaire!

1. The last book you've published was "The Pawn" duet. For those who don鈥檛 know, could you start off by telling us a little bit about it?
Yes, the Pawn Duet consists of two books, Pike and Pawn. It's about a man named Pike trying to make a name for himself in the world of King (It's a King Series spinoff). He owns a pawnshop and does other nefarious dealings from there. One night he meets a girl on the road who is dirty and wet and seeing things that aren't there. He drives her home.
Years later they meet again when she's trying to rob his pawnshop. She's got a very secretive life and she's seeking revenge for something horrible that happened in her past that contradicts Pike's goals. When they are drawn to one another it causes a whole lot of problems that they each struggle to solve. Right now I think it's one of the best and most complicated books I've written and plus it's super sexy, especially the second book.

2. What do you want your readers to take from this book?
That people are complicated and that we aren't just one thing. We aren't just selfish or selfless and we aren't just driven or lazy. We aren't just loyal or disloyal. We, as humans, are a lot of things at different times and sometimes we're none of these things. But no one is beyond redemption and none of us is perfect. There is a running theme about hate and how holding onto it can destroy a person. Did I mention that it's sexy? lol

3. How do you select the names of your characters?
Sometimes it's someone I know, sometimes I research what names mean but when I find them it's never a question if that should be their name or not. It just IS.

4. Your covers are legendary! How do you choose your covers?
Thank you so much! I truly believe that art inspires art and I don't necessarily pick the cover that looks just like the character in my head because that's impossible because I made them up, but when a photo makes me feel something emotionally just by looking at it and depicts the tone of what the book is that is what I'm drawn to. For my English versions of my books, I buy a photo from a photographer and I design all of the covers myself. I want to make you look at the cover and want to read the pages within. I'm not just looking for shirtless dudes, I'm looking for emotion.

5. Which subject you'd never write about? What do you consider taboo?
In this crazy world we are living in I'm not really sure. I don't consider anything too taboo except sensationalizing rape or child abuse and trying to make it titillating. I write about those things, but only to show you how strong the characters are, not to make it fun or sexy. That is something I will never do. Otherwise, the only reason I wouldn't write about a subject considered to be taboo is maybe that I don't feel like I could do that kind of story justice or it's not in my realm of understanding.

6. Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?
Sometimes I use the names of friends of fellow authors. I've used my dogs name a time or two and some of the side characters are based on my friends in real life. Josh in The Outskirts is based on my real-life friend Cassandra. Wilfredo in that book is based off my friend Wilfredo and I guess I was just too lazy to change the name. LOL. Mostly, I don't think people get that when I write about the more terrible side of humanity that I'm not writing out of personal experience, but out of my deepest darkest fears.

7. What's the song you can't stop singing?
All of them. I'm always singing. If you start singing a song in my house my husband or my daughter will join in every time. We're funny like that.

8. Best movie to watch with your daughter?
She loves a lot of movies but lately, she's totally into the older Lindsey Lohan version of Herby the Love Bug. I have to admit, I love it too.

9. The last book translated into Hebrew was "lawless", If you need to choose, which one should be the next to be translated?
I would do All the Rage because that's the order it was published in the US. I really hope to get more of my books to Israel because the readers there have been so supportive and wonderful and I would like to visit someday.

10. Finally, tell us about your future projects – What can you share about them?
I am working on a trilogy and all I can say is that it's totally different from what I normally write but I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I've been sitting on the idea for over four years so I think you may have to wait a little longer to get more info out of me.

Thank you for answering our questionnaire, we can't wait to find out what you have in store for us next! XOXO from Israel 馃挋

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Our "MUST READ" by T.M. Frazier is – The Dark Light of Day


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住驻专讛 讛专讗砖讜谉 "the dark light of day" 讬爪讗 诇讗讜专 讘-2013 讜诪讗讝 讝讻转讛 驻注诪讬诐 专讘讜转 讘转讜讗专 USA Today bestselling author, 住驻专讬讛 转讜专讙诪讜 诇讗讬谉 住驻讜专 砖驻讜转 讜讬爪讗讜 诇讗讜专 讘讻诇 讛注讜诇诐.
讟.诪. 讗讜讛讘转 诇驻讙讜砖 讗转 讛拽讜专讗讬诐 砖诇讛, 讗讘诇 讗诐 转驻讙砖讜 讗讜转讛, 讗诇 转爪讘讟讜 讗讜转讛 讻讬 讛讬讗 注讚讬讬谉 诇讗 诪讜讻谞讛 诇讛转注讜专专 诪讛讞诇讜诐 讛诪讚讛讬诐 讛讝讛.

讘讬砖专讗诇, 转讜专讙诪讜 讗专讘注讛 诪住驻专讬讛 诇注讘专讬转 注"讬 讛讜爪讗转 '讘讜拽讟讬拽' 讜讝讻讜 诇讘讬拽讜专讜转 讗讜讛讚讜转 诪讛拽讜专讗讜转: 拽讬谞讙, 专讜讚谉, 讞住专 讞讜拽 讜讞住专 谞砖讬诪讛.

讛讬讬 讬拽讬专讛,
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1. 住驻专讱 讛讗讞专讜谉 砖讬爪讗 诇讗讜专 讛讬讛 讚讜讗讟- "The Pawn". 诇讗诇讜 砖诇讗 诪讻讬专讬诐, 转讜讻诇讬 诇住驻专 诇谞讜 注诇讬讜 讘拽爪专讛?
讻谉, 讘转讜讱 讛讚讜讗讟 讬砖 讗转 讛住驻专讬诐 "驻讬讬拽" 讜-"驻讗讜谉". 讛诐 注诇 讘讞讜专 讘砖诐 驻讬讬拽 砖诪谞住讛 诇注砖讜转 诇注爪诪讜 砖诐 讘转讜讱 注讜诇诪讜 砖诇 拽讬谞讙 ( 讝讛 住驻讬谉 讗讜祝 诪住讚专转 拽讬谞讙). 讬砖 讘讘注诇讜转讜 讞谞讜转 诪砖讻讜谉 讗砖专 诪转专讞砖讬诐 讘讛 讚讘专讬诐 诪驻讜拽驻拽讬诐. 诇讬诇讛 讗讞讚 讛讜讗 驻讜讙砖 注诇 讛讻讘讬砖 谞注专讛 诪诇讜讻诇讻转 讜专讟讜讘讛 讗砖专 专讜讗讛 讚讘专讬诐 砖诇讗 拽讬讬诪讬诐. 讛讜讗 诪住讬注 讗讜转讛 讛讘讬转讛. 砖谞讬诐 诇讗讞专 诪讻谉, 讛诐 谞驻讙砖讬诐 砖讜讘 讻讗砖专 讛讬讗 诪谞住讛 诇砖讚讜讚 讗转 讞谞讜转 讛诪砖讻讜谉 砖诇讜. 讬砖 诇讛 讞讬讬诐 诪讗讚 住讜讚讬讬诐 讜讛讬讗 诪讞驻砖转 谞拽诪讛 注诇 诪砖讛讜 谞讜专讗 砖拽专讛 诇讛 讘注讘专 砖谞讜讙讚 讗转 讛诪讟专讜转 砖诇 驻讬讬拽. 讻讗砖专 讛诐 谞诪砖讻讬诐 讗讞讚 讗诇 讛砖谞讬, 讝讛 讬讜爪专 注讘讜专诐 讛诪讜谉 讘注讬讜转 砖砖谞讬讛诐 诪转拽砖讬诐 诇驻转讜专. 诇讚注转讬 讻专讙注, 讗谞讬 讞讜砖讘转 砖讗诇讜 讛住驻专讬诐 讛讻讬 讟讜讘讬诐 讜讛讻讬 诪讜专讻讘讬诐 砖讗讬 驻注诐 讻转讘转讬 讜讘谞讜住祝 讛诐 住讜驻专 住拽住讬讬诐, 讘注讬拽专 讛住驻专 讛砖谞讬.

2. 诪讛 讛讬讬转 专讜爪讛 砖讛拽讜专讗讬诐 讬拽讞讜 诪讛住驻专 讛讝讛?
砖讗谞砖讬诐 讛诐 诪讜专讻讘讬诐 讜砖讗谞讞谞讜 诇讗 专拽 讚讘专 讗讞讚. 讗谞讞谞讜 诇讗 专拽 讗谞讜讻讬讬诐 讗讜 讝讜诇转谞讬讬诐. 讗谞讞谞讜 诇讗 专拽 注爪诇谞讬讬诐 讗讜 谞诪专爪讬诐. 讗谞讞谞讜 诇讗 专拽 谞讗诪谞讬诐 讗讜 讘讜讙讚谞讬讬诐. 讗谞讞谞讜, 讻讘谞讬 讗讚诐, 讛专讘讛 讚讘专讬诐 讘讝诪谞讬诐 砖讜谞讬诐 讜诇驻注诪讬诐 讗谞讞谞讜 讘讻诇诇 诇讗 讛讚讘专讬诐 讛讗诇讜. 讗讘诇 诇讻讜诇谞讜 讬砖 转拽讜讜讛 诇讙讗讜诇讛 讜讗祝 讗讞讚 诪讗讬转谞讜 诇讗 诪讜砖诇诐. 诇讗讜专讱 讛住驻专 讬砖 讗转 讛注谞讬讬谉 砖诇 砖谞讗讛 讜讗讬讱 讛注讜讘讚讛 砖讗诐 砖讜诪专讬诐 注诇 讛砖谞讗讛 讛讝讗转, 讛讬讗 讬讻讜诇讛 诇讛专讜住 讞讬讬诐. 讛讗诐 讛讝讻专转讬 砖讛住驻专 住拽住讬? Lol

3. 讗讬讱 讗转 讘讜讞专转 讗转 讛砖诪讜转 砖诇 讛讚诪讜讬讜转 砖诇讱?
诇驻注诪讬诐 讝讛 诪讬砖讛讜 砖讗谞讬 诪讻讬专讛, 诇驻注诪讬诐 讗谞讬 讞讜拽专转 讗转 诪砖诪注讜转 讛砖诐 讗讘诇 讻砖讗谞讬 诪讜爪讗转 砖诐 讗讬谉 诇讬 住驻拽 讗诐 讝讛 讛砖诐 讛谞讻讜谉 讗讜 诇讗, 讝讛 驻砖讜讟 讝讛.

4. 讛讻专讬讻讜转 砖诇讱 讛谉 讗讙讚讬讜转, 讗讬讱 讗转 讘讜讞专转 讗讜转谉?
转讜讚讛 专讘讛! 讗谞讬 讘讗诪转 诪讗诪讬谞讛 砖讗讜诪谞讜转 谞讜转谞转 讛砖专讗讛 诇讗讜诪谞讜转 讜讗谞讬 诇讗 讘讛讻专讞 讘讜讞专转 讻专讬讻讜转 砖讚讜诪讜转 讘讚讬讜拽 诇讚诪讜讬讜转 砖讬砖 诇讬 讘专讗砖, 讝讛 讘诇转讬 讗驻砖专讬 诪驻谞讬 砖讛诪爪讗转讬 讗讜转诐, 讗讘诇 讻讗砖专 转诪讜谞讛 讙讜专诪转 诇讬 诇讛专讙讬砖 诪砖讛讜 讗诪讜爪讬讜谞讗诇讬 专拽 注"讬 讛讛住转讻诇讜转 讘讛 讜诪转讗讬诪讛 诇讟讜谉 讛住驻专, 讝讛 诪讛 砖诪讜砖讱 讗讜转讬. 诇讻专讬讻讜转 讘讙专住讛 讛讗谞讙诇讬转 砖诇讬, 讗谞讬 拽讜谞讛 讗转 讛转诪讜谞讜转 诪爪诇诐 讜讗转 讛注专讬讻讛 讜讛注讬爪讜讘 讗谞讬 注讜砖讛 讘注爪诪讬. 讗谞讬 专讜爪讛 诇讙专讜诐 诇讻谉 诇讛住转讻诇 注诇 讛讻专讬讻讛 讜诇专爪讜转 诇拽专讜讗 讗转 诪讛 砖讘驻谞讬诐. 讗谞讬 诇讗 诪讞驻砖转 专拽 讘讞讜专讬诐 诇诇讗 讞讜诇爪讛, 讗谞讬 诪讞驻砖转 讗转 讛专讙砖.

5. 讗讬讝讛 谞讜砖讗 诇注讜诇诐 诇讗 讛讬讬转 讻讜转讘转? 诪讛 谞讞砖讘 讟讗讘讜 讘注讬谞讬讬讱?
讘注讜诇诐 讛诪讟讜专祝 讛讝讛 砖讘讜 讗谞讜 讞讬讬诐 讗谞讬 诇讗 讻诇-讻讱 讘讟讜讞讛. 讗谞讬 诇讗 诪讞砖讬讘讛 诪砖讛讜 讻讟讗讘讜 诪诇讘讚 讛爪讙讛 诪讜讙讝诪转 砖诇 讗讜谞住 讜讛转注诇诇讜转 讘讬诇讚讬诐 讜讛驻讬讻转诐 诇诪砖讛讜 诪注谞讙. 讗谞讬 讻谉 讻讜转讘转 注诇 讛讚讘专讬诐 讛讗诇讜, 讗讘诇 专拽 讻讚讬 诇讛专讗讜转 讻诪讛 讛讚诪讜讬讜转 讞讝拽讜转, 讜诇讗 讻诪砖讛讜 讻讬讬驻讬 讜住拽住讬. 讝讛 诪砖讛讜 砖讗谞讬 诇注讜诇诐 诇讗 讗注砖讛. 诪诇讘讚 讝讛, 讛住讬讘讛 讛讬讞讬讚讛 砖诇讗 讗讻转讜讘 注诇 谞讜砖讗讬诐 讛谞讞砖讘讬诐 讻讟讗讘讜 讛讬讗 讻讬 讗讜诇讬 讗谞讬 诇讗 诪专讙讬砖讛 砖讗谞讬 讬讻讜诇讛 诇注砖讜转 诇住讬驻讜专 讻讝讛 爪讚拽 讗讜 讻讬 讝讛 诇讗 讘转讞讜诐 讛讘谞转讬.

6. 讛讗诐 讗转 诪讞讘讬讗讛 住讜讚讜转 讘转讜讱 讛住驻专讬诐 砖诇讱 砖专拽 讗谞砖讬诐 讘讜讚讚讬诐 讬讜讚注讬诐?
诇驻注诪讬诐 讗谞讬 诪砖转诪砖转 讘砖诪讜转 砖诇 讞讘专讬诐 讗讜 砖诇 注诪讬转讬讬 讛住讜驻专讬诐. 讛砖转诪砖转讬 讘砖诪讜转 砖诇 讛讻诇讘讬诐 砖诇讬 驻注诐 讗讜 驻注诪讬讬诐 讜诇驻注诪讬诐 讚诪讜讬讜转 诪砖谞讛 诪讘讜住住讜转 注诇 讞讘专讬讬 讛拽专讜讘讬诐. 讙'讜砖 诪转讜讱 讛住驻专 "The Outskirts" 诪讘讜住住 注诇 讞讘专转讬 拽住谞讚专讛. 讘讗讜转讜 住驻专 讜讜讬诇驻专讚讜 诪讘讜住住 注诇 讞讘专 砖砖诪讜 讜讜讬诇驻专讚讜 讜讻谞专讗讛 讛讬讬转讬 注爪诇谞讬转 诪讬讚讬讬 讻讚讬 诇砖谞讜转 讗转 讛砖诐. LOL. 诇专讜讘, 讗谞讬 诇讗 讞讜砖讘转 砖讗谞砖讬诐 诪讘讬谞讬诐 砖讻讗砖专 讗谞讬 讻讜转讘转 注诇 讛讚讘专讬诐 讛讬讜转专 拽砖讬诐 讜讗驻诇讬诐 砖诇 讛讗谞讜砖讜转 讗谞讬 诇讗 讻讜转讘转 注诇 讞讜讜讬讜转 讗讬砖讬讜转, 讗诇讗 诪转讜讱 讛驻讞讚讬诐 讛讗驻诇讬诐 讘讬讜转专 砖诇讬.

7. 诪讛讜 讛砖讬专 砖讗转 诇讗 讬讻讜诇讛 诇讛驻住讬拽 诇砖讬专?
讻诇 讛砖讬专讬诐. 讗谞讬 转诪讬讚 砖专讛. 讗诐 讗转诐 转转讞讬诇讜 诇砖讬专 讘讘讬转 砖诇讬 讘注诇讬 讗讜 讛讘转 砖诇讬 讬爪讟专驻讜 讘讻诇 驻注诐. 讻讗诇讜 讗谞讞谞讜 , 诪爪讞讬拽讬诐.

8. 诪讛讜 讛住专讟 讛讻讬 讟讜讘 诇专讗讜转 注诐 讛讘转 砖诇讱?
讛讬讗 讗讜讛讘转 讛诪讜谉 住专讟讬诐 讗讘诇 诇讗讞专讜谞讛, 讛讬讗 诇讙诪专讬 讘拽讟注 砖诇 讛住专讟 Herbie The Love Bug – 讘讙专住讛 讛讘讜讙专转 讬讜转专, 砖诇 诇讬谞讚讝讬 诇讜讛谉. 讗谞讬 讞讬讬讘转 诇讛讜讚讜转 砖讗谞讬 讙诐 讗讜讛讘转 讗讜转讜.

9. 讛住驻专 讛讗讞专讜谉 砖转讜专讙诐 诇注讘专讬转 讛讜讗 "讞住专 讞讜拽". 讗诐 讛讬讬转 爪专讬讻讛 诇讘讞讜专, 讗讬讝讛 住驻专 爪专讬讱 诇讛讬讜转 讛讘讗 讘转讜专 诇转专讙讜诐?
讛讬讬转讬 讘讜讞专转 讘- All The Rage 讻讬 讝讛讜 住讚专 讛驻专住讜诐 砖诇讛诐 讘讗专讛"讘. 讗谞讬 讘讗诪转 诪拽讜讜讛 砖注讜讚 住驻专讬诐 砖诇讬 讬转讜专讙诪讜 讘讬砖专讗诇 讘讙诇诇 砖讛拽讜专讗讬诐 砖诐 讻诇-讻讱 转讜诪讻讬诐 讜谞驻诇讗讬诐 讜讛讬讬转讬 专讜爪讛 诇讘拽专 砖诐 讬讜诐 讗讞讚.

10. 诇住讬讜诐, 住驻专讬 诇谞讜 注诇 讛驻专讜讬讬拽讟 讛讘讗 砖诇讱 , 诪讛 转讜讻诇讬 诇砖转祝 讗讬转谞讜 ?
讗谞讬 注讜讘讚转 注诇 讟专讬诇讜讙讬讬讛 讜讻诇 诪讛 砖讗谞讬 讬讻讜诇讛 诇讜诪专 砖讝讛 诇讙诪专讬 砖讜谞讛 诪诪讛 砖讗谞讬 讻讜转讘转 讘讚专"讻 讗讘诇 *讗谞讬 讻诇-讻讱 讗讜讛讘转 讗转 讝讛!* 讛专注讬讜谉 诇注诇讬诇讛 "讬砖讘 注诇讬讬" 诪注诇 4 砖谞讬诐 讗讝 转爪讟专讻讜 诇讞讻讜转 注讜讚 拽爪转 讻讚讬 诇讛讜爪讬讗 讬讜转专 诪讬讚注 诪诪谞讬.

转讜讚讛 砖注谞讬转 注诇 讛砖讗诇讜谉 砖诇谞讜,
讗谞讞谞讜 诇讗 讬讻讜诇讜转 诇讞讻讜转 讻讚讬 诇讙诇讜转 诪讛 讬砖 诇讱 注讜讚 讘拽谞讛 讘砖讘讬诇谞讜! 谞砖讬拽讜转 诪讬砖专讗诇 馃挋

诇住驻专讬诐 讛诪转讜专讙诪讬诐 砖诇 讟. 诪. 驻专讬讬讝专, 诇讞爪讜 讻讗谉.
诇拽专讬讗转 专讗讬讜谞讜转 谞讜住驻讬诐, 诇讞爪讜 讻讗谉. 馃憫馃挄


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