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מילה קרופורד / Loving Luca / Mila Crawford 💝

“For as long as I can remember, wanted two things. To make music for a living and to marry my neighbor… "

Luca and Stephanie are best friends since they were 8-years-old.
As they grew older, Steph started to feel much more for Luca, but she never imagined he might feel the same… He's successful, handsome, talented and Steph is quiet and insecure… Until one day Luca confesses his feelings for her.
But what happens when everything changes and Luca turns from her best friend into a celebrity rockstar?

"The boy who never left me had become the man I wanted to spend my life with." 

This story is sweet (almost to the point of nausea, so it's not for everyone! LOL) and reminded me of Alexa Riley's books in it's sweetness.
My problem was that although Luca and Steph are in college, they were very immature… it felt like they were in the eighth grade. I think it would have been more reliable if they were younger (much younger!)

So If you are looking to read a short and sweet friends-to-lovers story, this is the book for you. 

There is something I didn't quite understand and it's still buging me: They were both virgins when they started dating. A year after, when he becomes a famous rockstar, they finally get into bed, and she tells him she's *still* a virgin (why the hell won't she be?) BUT he doesn't say the same, although he made sure to remind her ALL THE TIME that he only wants her (and even got angry when she implied otherwise) so… did he fuck other women in the meantime???

***I voluntarily reviewed an advance complimentary copy of this book.***

Mila crawford / Loving Luka / מילה קרופורד

:קטגוריותARC, כללי, ספרים באנגלית, קולג' - YA, רומן אירוטי, רומן רומנטי

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